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"SIMS 4"... "Kenzo Fall 2014"

10/17...1 Dress for Adult/ YA/ Elder.
10/17...4 Tops for Adult/ YA/ Elder.
10/17...3 Bottoms for Adult/ YA/ Elder.

NOTE: IMPROVEMENT: Bumpmaps have been removed in both the "Kenzo Block Sweatshirt" and "Kenzo Full Pant" which improves the appearance of both. there is now no bleedthrough. Thanks to Lydia, SimDetails (TSR) for helping me with this. Please download again.

NOTICE OLDER FILES SIMS2: Due to storage and bandwidth restrictions I have had to remove many pages from the main site...I have moved many (not all) Female Adult Casuals to "All About Style Clearance" Yahoo Group...See "Links" page for direct link. ADDITIONS: Career Theme has been added.

MESHES: See "Terms" for policy and "Patterns" for
meshes by All About Style

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